Tim Blake Nelson

HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ TV series, developed by Damon Lindelof, will take place many years after the original story, first published in comic book form by DC in 1986-87, written by Alan Moore with art by Dave Gibbons, the latter of whom has been involved with the creation of the TV show.  Because of the way the story ended, many characters won’t be able to appear on the adaptation, but it was recently divulged that Jeremy Irons is portraying an older version of Adrian Veidt/Ozymandais.  Jean Smart is also playing an FBI agent, whose last name is Blake, which implies that she has some familial connection to the character Edward Blake/The Comedian and possibly to Sally and/or Laurie Juspeczyk, the two Silk Spectres.  In fact, she may actually BE Laurie Juspeczyk.  Now acclaimed character actor Tim Blake Nelson has gone on the record with details about his character on the show, but in this case, it doesn’t appear that he is playing a character that readers will not be familiar with.

“My character’s name is Looking Glass, and it’s a really interesting, intriguing character.  I don’t really completely understand him, and that’s intentional. Damon Lindelof metes out facts about your character as you go along… So I’m learning as I go along with this guy is, and trying to… It’s almost like fresco painting. The clay is always wet.”

While the series will be global in scope– for instance, Veidt is based out of the English countryside– it seems that the show will largely focus on Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Looking Glass is described as “a good looking cop, the native Oklahoman isn’t simple as his rural accent makes him appear to be. A top interrogator and behavioral scientist, he may also be a bit of a sociopath.”

“Damon Lindelof… is doing something that I think Alan Moore actually will appreciate, which is that he’s treating the Watchmen novel as a history book, and he’s imagining the world created by the Watchmen now.  And he’s using that as a prism through which to examine a lot of issues currently on the surface of American culture and politics.”

Nelson can currently be seen in ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’ which is in theaters now and will arrive on Netflix afterward.  Earlier this year, he appeared in the indie drama ‘Monster’ and contributes his voice to the animated series ‘Dallas & Robo’ on YouTube Premium.

‘Watchmen’ also stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Adelaide Clemens, Frances Fisher, Louis Gossett Jr., Andrew Howard, Don Johnson, Regina King, Jacob Ming-Trent, Tom MisonDylan Schombing, Sara Vickers, and James Wolk.  It is expected to premiere on HBO some time in 2019.

Source: Empire