Kellan Lutz Twilight Movie

The first ‘Twilight’ movie arrived in theaters on November 21, 2008, meaning we are a couple weeks away from its ten-year anniversary.  The ‘Twilight’ fan base has always been passionate, but at the same time, has also always been derided by critics of the teenage romance take on vampires and werewolves.

Ten years isn’t a long time, so there probably won’t be any sort of reboot made to the original hit films, but one cast member, Kellan Lutz who played vampire Emmett Cullen, does feel that the first film in the franchise could stand a revisit, saying:

“Definitely for the first movie, I think Twilight has the lowest budget out of all of them from New MoonEclipseBreaking Dawn, and I can only imagine what Catherine [Hardwicke] would do if she had a $59 million budget compared to ($37 million budget of the first.) So, I think they could remake the first one, but I don’t think they could remake or should remake the franchise until there is some new technological advancement. I think the CGI was already top notch in the movies.”

Top notch or not, original director Catherine Hardwicke says that is exactly what she would change about ‘Twilight’:

“I think one thing is, we would have probably had a little bit more money to do some of the fun CGI things that I wanted to do, because CGI costs have come down. We could have done a few more fun stunts and things, because I wanted to do quite a bit more at the baseball stadium. I want to do quite a bit more… I had a lot more storyboarded for the end, the finale sequence. So I think we would have been able to afford a lot of that now. Yeah, that would have been fun.”

It’s too bad Summit Entertainment didn’t realize just how much ‘Twilight’ would make– over $400 million.  They probably could have scraped up a few more million to throw Hardwicke’s way for the first film.

Were you a fan of ‘Twilight’?  Can you believe it’s been ten years since the first film came out?

Source: Cinema Blend