Pros and (Comic) Cons

Dark Horse Comics will be publishing an anthology set of stories about comic conventions titled ‘Pros and (Comic) Cons’ which will feature a variety of short stories and comics meshed together that shares many of the more unique sides that convention goers can see but casual visitors would easily miss.

This upcoming book includes quite a few creators such as Brian Michael Bendis, Kieron Gillen, Greg Pak, Amy Chu, Tini Howard, and Jenn St-Onge. Not only that, but there will be “surprise celebrity run-ins, fan encounters that changed creator’s lives, costume malfunctions, and practical advice for both new and experienced convention attendees.” The book will really try to give you the full range of what going to a convention is like from every aspect of the experience and will be a solid collection of “funny, sad, sweet, embarrassing, and heartfelt stories”

Hope Nicholson of Bedside Press edited the works and is best known for some fantastic anthologies which the publisher has released in the past including ‘The Secret Loves of Geek Girls’ and ‘The Secret Loves of Geeks.’ She also c-edited Margaret Atwood’s ‘Angel Catbird.’

Taking to Twitter, Nicholson revealed:

Fans of creators, conventions, and attendees will likely all find something fun, informative, or humorous in these pages and it seems like a book that deserves to be picked up.

Do you think that you’ll be picking up ‘Pros and (Comic) Cons’ when it is released? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Pros and (Comic) Cons’ will be available on May 29th, 2019!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter