Christopher McQuarrie

Christopher McQuarrie has become a franchise darling due to his work on ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ and was recently asked if he would be interested in ever working on ‘Star Trek.’ The answer was a clear yes, and the writer and director shared not only that he’d prefer to do a feature film but how he would approach it. McQuarrie has also shared why making a “Star Trek” in today’s cinematic environment would have its own challenges which wouldn’t have existed in previous years.

Initially, McQuarrie was asked in what format the would approach “Star Trek” if given a chance to create a story in that universe:

“Yeah, probably a feature. Probably, yeah, a feature. I feel like Star Trek is kind of… it’s gone away from what the tenants of the series were about, which was kind of the hope and the promise and the science.”

Today’s “Star Trek” movies might be blockbuster darlings and look amazing, but they have lacked some of the spirit which the originals mostly had outside of a few notable exceptions.

“It’s simple math, you know what you have to do with Star Trek? You have to make Star Trek for a domestic audience. Star Trek does better domestically than it does internationally, so I would come to Star Trek, and go, “Realistically, how much money should I make this Star Trek movie for?” And you’d give me a budget, and I’d go off and make the movie. That’s what I would do. You look at any movie like that; if you just be honest with yourself about the economics, it’s just a very real part of doing that.”

Honestly, this is more of taking on how he would approach a film and not that he had a story in mind. That being said, Simon Pegg and McQuarrie have had casual conversations on the subject where the director stated “I’d love to do a Star Trek movie” but this was in no way official context or attempting to pitch an idea.

After his work on the “Mission Impossible” franchise would you love to see Christopher McQuarrie direct a “Star Trek” movie? Would you prefer that he tackle the crew of the Enterprise or possibly have something unique to work from? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Collider