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The sequel to last year’s blockbuster ‘Wonder Woman’ is due to hit theaters in November of next year.  Production should begin within the next few months as these types of movies tend to require more time in post-production than it takes to shoot them.  Of course, Gal Gadot will return in the lead role, with director Patty Jenkins also coming back for more.  Dave Callaham (‘The Expendables’ franchise) is fine tuning the script, based on a treatment by Jenkins and DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns.  We know very little about the sequel so far, but reportedly, it will be another period piece, this time set in the 1980s, during the height of the cold war, which perhaps not coincidentally was also arguably the time when ‘Wonder Woman’ comic books were at their most popular (at least in the semi-modern era), under the guidance of writer and illustrator George Perez.

But now we might have a clue as to who Diana will be battling in this movie.  In the first film, she faced off against rogue Greek god Ares (David Thewlis) and Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya).  The working title for the second film is ‘Magic Hour’.  That may simply be a misdirect.  The first ‘Wonder Woman’ shot under the working title of ‘Nightingale’, which, if you REALLY stretch, could refer to Diana’s WWII occupation as a nurse (as in Florence Nightingale), which did not factor into the film.  But it is possible that the new working title could tease a perfectly logical choice for the second movie’s antagonist.

wonder woman

Yes, ‘Magic Hour’ could reference another of Wonder Woman’s mightiest foes, ancient Greek sorceress Circe.  Circe first appeared in ‘Wonder Woman’ #17 in 1988.  Okay, that’s not entirely true.  She really first appeared at some point toward the end of the 8th century in Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’, but in 1988, Perez plucked the character from antiquity and recast her as a purple-haired temptress who, over the years has emerged as one of Wonder Woman’s most tenacious opponents.

Circe has a variety of mystical abilities, but her most famous is that to turn humans into animals or half-human/half-animal hybrids.  Perhaps she is best known for her appearance on the ‘Justice League Unlimited’ episode ‘This Little Piggy’ in which she turned Diana into a pig.

In 2015, it was rumored that Eva Green (‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’) was being looked at for the role of Circe in the first movie (along with Sean Bean for Ares, which proved to be false).  If Circe is indeed the villain of ‘Wonder Woman 2’, could it possible that Green could once again be up for the role?

Elsewhere, ‘American Horror Story’ fixture Sarah Paulson recently lobbied for the role of another baddie, the Cheetah.

Take this with a grain of salt, as it is still very early, but for now, how would you feel about Circe as the foe in ‘Wonder Woman 2’?  Would Eva Green make a good fit or should it role go to someone else?

‘Wonder Woman 2’ is scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 1, 2019.

Source: Omega Underground