Fans of the iconic game ‘Wolfenstein’ have been foaming at the mouth to see more of ‘Overlord,’ and now a full synopsis and new images from the film have been revealed! The premise seems to have directly taken ideas from the game that Germany was using a mixture of mad science and magic to create new ways to defeat their enemies and win World War II at any cost. When the movie was first announced, there was wide speculation that it could somehow be tied to the “Cloverfield” universe though the more we learn, the more that idea seems to be shot down.

For those who have been dying to know more of the movie, Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot have revealed a new synopsis about what is planned and have served up a few new stills from the film as well.

The new synopsis for the film describes it as follows:

With only hours until D-Day, a team of American paratroopers drop into Nazi-occupied
France to carry out a mission that’s crucial to the invasion’s success. Tasked with destroying
a radio transmitter atop a fortified church, the desperate soldiers join forces with a young
French villager to penetrate the walls and take down the tower. But, in a mysterious Nazi lab
beneath the church, the outnumbered G.I.s come face-to-face with enemies unlike any the
world has ever seen. From producer J.J. Abrams, Overlord is a thrilling, pulse-pounding action
adventure with a twist.

As to the new batch of screenshots from the movie that the studios had shared, you can see those below:

The movie looks visually spectacular and is the right kind of action horror to resonate with fans.

Are you looking forward to being able to check out ‘Overlord’ in November? Do you feel that there are strong inspirations from the game ‘Wolfenstein’ at play here? What are you most looking forward to seeing in the film? Which of the above shots is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Overlord’ will be dropping into the big screen at your local theater on November 9th, 2018!