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Well it looks as if Steve Pink’s upcoming remake of ‘The Toxic Avenger’ is coming along rather nicely. The early 80s cult classic which spawned a slew of remakes so cringe-worthy you couldn’t help but watch each and every one of them through to completion, is soon to return to movie theaters everywhere!

While there is no confirmation on who will be playing the actual Toxic Avenger himself (there was previously a rumor of John Travolta filling the role), we do know that the character is going to have some Grade A training in order to fulfill his role as one of the most unique super heroes to ever grace the big screen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently in talks for the role of The Exterminator (no relation to The Terminator) who is a former black ops agent (a role he’s never played before) who will end up training our favorite non-marvel Avenger to use his powers for good. I’m just glad to see that Arnold hasn’t lost his sense of humor with how ridiculous that sounds, knowing that he’ll play it off in a way that will have us all cracking up while enjoying the carnage unfolding on screen before us!

While he won’t be playing the lead, he will be playing a co-lead spot that will guarantee him plenty of screen time. I feel that it won’t be quite as C-Movie feeling as the first films, though I’m sure that there will be plenty of groantastic one liners and scenes for fans of the original to enjoy.

‘The Toxic Avenger’ is famous for taking out the trash by cleaning up the filth left behind by polluters before taking on the people who are ruining the cleanliness of our planet. Yes. the most famous eco-hero in the world is back, folks!

For fans of the original Toxic Avenger. you’ll be happy to hear that Lloyd Kaufman will be on hand as one of the executive producers, so it should still have a semblance of the original films while having a more updated feel. I’m excited to see a reboot from this series and if the rumor of Travolta is true, please give ‘The Toxic Avenger’ a ridiculous dance scene (even if it’s just a quick one of him celebrating a win at some point right just before The Exterminator tells him to knock it off.)

Source: Collider.