We know that Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen ended up behind bars in the last season of ‘Arrow‘ and this new trailer for Season 7 is showing what he’s been up to since that time. The vigilante hero has been locked up in Super Max and being trapped behind bars with a ton of dangerous inmates which he helped out there likely isn’t the best of scenarios. On top of that, someone else is now running around as the incarcerated vigilante in Star City and the hunt is on to find out who it could be! And if that weren’t enough, things aren’t looking good for Felicity Smoak and Oliver’s son William as Kirk Acevedo’s Ricardo Diaz comes back into the picture.

You can check out the Season 7 trailer right here!


New showrunner Beth Schwartz clearly is switching up the entire direction of the series with this new season and it shows right from the outset. Fans of the comics are likely in for a treat as this upcoming season is based upon the “Super Max” story arc which is a fan favorite and as long as they don’t waste it as ‘The Flash’ did with ‘Flashpoint,’ then there will be some significant turning points for the characters stemming from this one.

It isn’t clear how long we’ll see Queen behind bars but with Javelin showing up this season, you feel that he’ll have to be out to deal with him at some point.

Did you enjoy the latest trailer for the seventh season of ‘Arrow’?  Will it be Javelin, another villain, or the judicial system that allows for Queen to end up back out on the streets? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

“Arrow’ returns to The CW for a seventh season on Monday, October 15th, 2018 at 8/7c