The second season of Amazon‘s ‘Lore‘ is coming and the trailer for it looks even better than the first! Based on Aaron Mahnke’s podcast, we’ll have six new tales of murder from historical tales to dive into. The sophomore season is set to drop in the middle of next month which will give you just enough time to binge-watch it along with all of Netflix’s new horror offerings just in time for Halloween! This could be one of the best months of mood fitting entertainment in years to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve.

Each episode is slated to be a self-contained story as in the first season, but things are being mixed up a bit. The first season put a focus on some of the highlights from the podcast and revisited source material which had already been used. However, producer Gale Anne Hurd (‘The Walking Dead’) has shared that the new tales have not previously been featured on the podcast ad she shares that they have “an expanded scope” with “a new showrunner in Sean Crouch, who comes to us from the widely acclaimed Exorcist, the adaptation on Fox.”

For a tease of what he is bringing to the table you can check out the trailer below:


The cast for this season will include Josh Bowman, Doug Bradley, Thomas Kretschmann, Paula Malcomson, Maimie McCoy, Jürgen Prochnow, Emmett Scanlan, and Alicia Witt.

Hurd also addressed another big change coming to the series:

“The feedback we got from fans of the first season was that they loved their connections to the characters, and as a result of that, as opposed to last season where we told multiple stories [per episode] in keeping with the podcast, we really focus on one story and those characters this season.”

It looks like we’ll be getting longer and more fleshed out stories this time around. If they can provide the same quality entertainment a the first season I’m sure we’ll all be getting drawn even further down the rabbit hole in this outing of the series.

‘Lore’ returns with a second season to Amazon’s streaming service on October 19th, 2018!

Source: Entertainment Weekly