There is a LOT of source material that could be used when putting together Fox’s upcoming ‘Gotham‘ television show based around a young Jim Gordon. Now Ben McKenzie (‘Southland’,’88 Minutes’) who will be portraying the young detective has revealed which comics that he’ll actually be using as a basis to help inspire his character. There are some great picks in here. Also Donal Logue (‘Blade’,’Vikings’) let everyone know what he feels will be one of the best parts of the series and I couldn’t agree more!

The bonus part to which comics he should be checking out is that fans of the ‘Dark Knight’ Commissioner Gordon played by Gary Oldman (‘RoboCop‘, ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘) helped weigh in on which classics he should take a look at while preparing for the part. As many would say, Oldman played one of the best Gordon’s of all time his advice may worth listening to. The comics that ended up making up his personal source material included: ‘Gotham Central’,’ Frank Miller’s ‘Batman Year One’,’ Long Halloween’ and it’s sequel ‘Dark Victory’. While none of these suggest actual plot lines they will strictly be following, fans of ‘Gotham Central’ will be quite happy as it, as well as the others listed, are long time Gordon favorites.


While this is a good start, a lot of the drama will really boil down to how Gordon and Harvey Bullock get along. In an interview Donal Logue recently had a chance to talk about what he felt was the best part of the show and it was the interaction between these two men:

“There’s kind of an ambiguous line between good and bad. We have to let certain bad guys do certain things, in order for the greater good, for this machine to keep working. And then someone comes in who’s like ‘No, I have a much more black and white view, I’m not into this notion of moral relativism. There’s right and there’s wrong.’….And what is law? Is law this platonic form of truth that floats in space that is fixed, or is it something that’s this arbitrary thing where it’s like “the law is me and you, right now, in this car. Whatever we determine, that’s the law.” And that’s the kind of thing that will be a conflict in this show.”

Honestly I’ve always liked how Gordon is known for coming in and really cleaning up the police force in Gotham and it sounds like his views are going to be set in stone right from the get go. It should provide some very interesting back and forth with his mentor not doing things quite by the books.

What do you think of Ben’s choices while preparing for the role? Are any of these reads on your must read for Gordon list? Is he missing any titles? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr, ComingSoon