Virginia Gardner Runaways

Hulu’s Marvel’s ‘Runaways‘ has a few episodes out already and actress Virginia Gardner (‘Project Almanac’,’Tell Me How I Die’) is sharing how it will differ from the source material. Brian K. Vaughan wrote a cult classic when he originally penned the comic and the fan base has been clamoring for a live-action take on the characters ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe took off the ground. Now that we have one, there have been mixed results as to some of the changes. The first three episodes clearly don’t directly follow the comic, though for the most part does stay true to the original comics.

Gardner plays Karolina Dean in the series who, in the comics, was an alien being who didn’t actually know what she was or what her powers were until later in the book. The actress has opened up a bit on some of the changes and what to expect for fans of the comics:

“Fans should expect changes. The comic books were written several years ago, so it’s today’s version of what was written then. There are some changes, and we want to keep comic book fans surprised, obviously. The spirit is very alive and well. One of the big changes that I think is really welcomed and such a good storyline is the parents. We really get to explore the parents’ backstory and their motivations, their relationships. I think it adds a whole other storyline that’s so deep and fantastic.”

The parents have already gotten more screen time then you would have expected if it was a direct adaptation although it was made clear ahead of time that they’d be playing a bigger part. I think that giving them depth, humanity, and showing more of their relationship with the children will make the struggle of finding out who they really are so much harder on our young heroes.

Are you in agreement that changes needed to be made to keep ‘Runaways’ fresh for a slightly different audience? Do you feel that the first three episodes have been able to keep the spirit of the comics alive? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book