Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer appears to be on the road to rehabilitating his career, signing on to direct ‘Red Sonja’ for Millennium Films.  The studio will reportedly pay Singer “top dollar” to helm this project based on the popular comic book barbarian, which is hoped will launch a franchise.  Millennium is reportedly hoping that this film can be a ‘Wonder Woman’ sized hit for them.  In April, it was announced that Ashley Edward Miller would pen the script.  Miller previously scripted ‘X-Men: First Class’, which Singer produced.

Singer had previously been attached to adapt ‘Red Sonja’ for Millennium as an R-rated TV series, in 2016.

Millennium has been trying to get a ‘Red Sonja’ movie made for over a decade.  In 2008, Robert Rodriguez made a splashy announcement at San Diego Comic-Con that he was helming the film, to star his then-girlfriend Rose McGowan, but the project never materialized.

The rights to the character belong to Luke Lieberman.  Red Sonja began starring in comics in 1974.  Marvel published these adventures until 1995, with Dynamite Entertainment currently producing them.  During the Marvel period, in 1985, Brigitte Nielsen starred in a film adaptation, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Singer has been plagued by a number of accusations of sexual abuse including the rape of a minor which was alleged to have happened in 2003.  Last December, Singer was fired from the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ three weeks before the film was expected to wrap.  Singer claims he was denied the freedom to take time to care for a sick parent.  Other reports stated that he was often late or absent from set and that he acted erratically.  He also reportedly clashed with star Rami Malek often and that one such disagreement got physical, as Singer is said to have thrown something at the star.  The film was finished without him, but he still received a full director’s credit.

Singer was among the Hollywood powerful that became the subject of accusations as the #MeToo movement picked up speed and as a result, he was fired from his executive producing gig on the FX series ‘Legion’, and FOX’s ‘The Gifted’ was considering doing the same.  He was also dropped by his agency WME.  However, none of the accusations against Singer have ever led to legal action.  Millennium is said to be open to Singer because “none of the allegations seem to have merit.”

Check back for updates as they arrive. What do you think about a Bryan Singer-helmed ‘Red Sonja’ movie?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter