According to reports, in ‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) is on a quest to gather all the gold she can find in order to rebuild her champion Goldar.  In the original TV show, Goldar was kind of a large blue wolf in gold sphinx-like armor, but as we’ve seen, in the film, the creature appears to be a more insectoid creation with a “melty” look.  But is that all that is different about the movie’s take on this classic henchman?

In the recent trailer, fans were treated to a look at Goldar in action and some initial hesitation over his goopy look were alleviated.  Naturally, seeing a behemoth Goldar slugging it out with the fully-assembled Megazord, the assumption was that this villain had been enlarged by Rita, just as the original version was in the pilot episode of ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’, “Day of the Dumpster.”

But maybe not.

Once again, Bandai strikes!  The latest images of the Goldar toy seem to tease at a reveal fans may not have expected.  What if Goldar wasn’t an individual, autonomous being, but rather…well, take a look at the image below:



power-rangers-rita-repulsaThis Goldar toy (which looks massive by the way) features a removable chest plate and what’s beneath it?  Not a heart of gold, that’s for sure.  More like a heart of dark (green) darkness, Rita Repulsa.

Though it’s hard to draw a definite conclusion from just this picture, some are guessing that Goldar isn’t a living being, but rather Rita’s Zord.  It is known that in the film, Zordon was the original Red Ranger.  And it has been buzzed (but not confirmed) that Rita was the original Green Ranger.  (Thus, her armored green costume which deviates 100% from the TV show’s bizarre cone-bra, hair-horn version.)

That’s just a guess, however.  There is really no telling why this toy appears this way.  Goldar could be sentient and simply carrying Rita in a secret compartment.

What would you think of Goldar not being the snarling lackey of Rita, but rather a mechanism?

Source: Power Rangers Now