Sources from inside the DC Universe have revealed that Warner Bros. Television ordered a 13-episode live-action series starring Batgirl for their streaming service!

One of the only confirmed details for the ‘Batgirl’ series is that it is set to start filming in February of next year, with a 2020 release on the books. This will coincide with the adult animated series starring Harley Quinn that is also rumored to hit the streaming service in 2020. It is speculated that DC television veteran, Greg Berlanti, will play a role in the show’s development, as he has been involved with DC Universe original shows like ‘Titans,’ ‘Doom Patrol,’ and ‘Stargirl.’

Batgirl is a cornerstone character of the DC Universe. The first version of Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, was the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. The second Batgirl’s alter ego was Stephanie Brown, and she was the daughter of lesser-known Batman villain Cluemaster. Cassandra Cain rounded out the Batgirl trio, and she was, you guessed it, the daughter of Batman’s foe David Cain. She is currently referred to as Orphan. Is it a rule that whoever writes ‘Batgirl’ stories has daddy issues or what?

The new ‘Batgirl’ series has not been officially announced, and there is no word on when any sort of announcement may come. The DC Universe streaming service is set to launch on September 15th, on the same day as DC’s annual ‘Batman Day’ event. The DC Universe streaming service will give DC fans the chance to enjoy all of their favorite comics, television shows, and movies all in one place.

Check back for more news about the ‘Batgirl’ series and the DC Universe streaming service as it becomes available!

Source: Fandom Wire