There is a lot of excitement, and a lot of speculation for this year’s big Arrowverse crossover, especially since we already know it is going to feature Superman, Lois Lane, and Batwoman, but according to new information from That HashTag Show, there may also be a few more characters popping up to be excited about, especially another one from Krypton itself named “Lon El.”

According to That HashTag Show’s description of “Lon El:”

“[He is] said to be a male of any ethnicity in his 40s, with the potential to play older than their actual age. Lon-El is described as a mysterious visitor who is from another planet and is both ambiguous, inscrutable and has the power that is teased as nearly infinite. The breakdown specifies that this major recurring guest star has the potential to appear for post-crossover episodes of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl as well as Legends of Tomorrow, some as just a small cameo.”

That HashTag Show is speculating that “Lon El” might be a fake name and that the character might actually be none-other than Jor El, father of Superman, who has been revealed to be alive of late in the comics after having been saved from the dying Krypton by Dr. Manhattan and becoming the supervillain Mister Oz when he became disenchanted with the humans he saw on Earth. It would be interesting to see him go up against Superman and Supergirl, especially with the comic-book history, though the whole thing might be a bit confusing for some of the fans.

That HashTag Show also described another character, Dr. Elias Kern, as:

“…a male in his 30s, open ethnicity. Described as a psychiatrist with his own mental health problems, Dr. Kern is a brutal sociopath who appears to be starting to lose his grip on reality. This recurring guest star will be present in all three episodes of the crossover.”

Not much was guessed about this character, though he may prove to be another villain or an ally in the crossover, more information is sure to come out as we get closer to the actual cross-over event.

What are your thoughts on these character reveals? Do you have any theories on who they might actually be? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!