Spider-Man’s quest to take down the Hobgoblin has lead him to The Daily Bugle, where ace reporter Phil Urich is hiding out among his co-workers so that his foe doesn’t find him. However, all the new tech that Octo-Pete has been using helped him to take over every screen in New York City. Thanks to this little trick, Spidey outted Urich as the Goblin he’s after.

Now, in the latest issue of ‘Superior Spider-Man’, the two enemies come face to face in the office building, but our hero has to keep things under control so that he doesn’t endanger the lives of innocent people. But just when it looks like he has his man, another old foe beats the web-slinger to the punch.

This has been quite an interesting chase for the new and improved Spider-Man. Things have gotten a little easier since he employed his small army of soldiers and robots. However, his friends like Carlie Cooper are starting to get suspicious about his new behavior. Maybe they’ll get close to finding out that Peter Parker is actually Otto Octavius. After all, the real Peter Parker has to make a come back at some point right?

I also gotta say that I feel bad for Nora Winters. It’s a bummer that Robbie Robertson dealt her this hand because of her association with Phil. The moment between the two of them shows some cool character growth that could come up later. With Robbie, he had to pull a J. Jonah Jameson move, but he clearly didn’t want to do it. As for Norah, she’s going to have to deal with moving on. Maybe we’ve just witnessed the origin of a brand new villain. That seems to be the way that things work out for the people in Spider-Man’s world.

Finally, I like how Slott has been bringing all these Goblins together. Throughout the history of Spider-Man, there have seemingly been tons of Goblin wannabes. With the original Green Goblin assembling a crew for quite some time now, it almost looks like he has the power to take on Spidey and his new army. I’ve been waiting for this clash to take place, but it’s been a bit of a slow burn. This is something that I really want to see, so hopefully it doesn’t disappoint when it does happen. Then again, no matter what anyone out there says, Dan Slott hasn’t made any disappointing decisions when it comes to ‘Superior Spider-Man’ thus far. I believe in him and look forward to what he has in store for our friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

Final Score:


Written by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, & Edgar Delgado