Bojack Horseman

Well ‘BoJack Horseman’ fans, the wait is almost over! Season 5 of the hilarious (and immensely odd) series is premiering on Netflix on September 14, which of course is just around the corner, and that means it is time for Netflix to start promoting their cult hit series! Check out the new trailer for yourself below, which features all of your favorite characters back for a brand new season!

The titular star BoJack is back in full form this year in a brand new dark cop series called ‘Philbert’ which BoJack of course wrongfully predicted would be the answer to all of his problems, and the trailer is already showing the new series is anything but.

The biggest changes this season honestly looks to be some of the character designs, with BoJack’s trademark look seemingly switched out for his new tie and trenchcoat look from ‘Philbert’ for most of the trailer, not to mention the fact that Diane seems to be sporting a much shorter haircut. Throughout the trailer Diane’s line of ‘You say you wanna get better and you don’t know how” is repeated, which makes me wonder how thoroughly they are going to delve into this thought this season. Although it has been explored a bit in the previous 4 seasons, we have not seen that much growth by BoJack as he is constantly backsliding into old routines and bad habits, but perhaps the trailer is hinting we’ll see a bit more of his character arc this year (though not TOO much, this is still BoJack after all, and the show would lose much of its appeal if he suddenly became a well-adjusted and lovable guy).

Check out the new trailer for yourself below, and feel free to share your thoughts on the new season in the comments below!