Ryan Reynolds will star in a Netflix original movie to be directed by Michael Bay, but despite rumors to the contrary, it is not a secret ‘Thundercats’ live action project.  The name of this picture is ‘6 Underground’ (or possibly ‘Six Underground’), but some believed that to be a fake name.  ‘6 Underground’ is part of Netflix’s big push into the original films game.  Of course, Netflix has been producing original movies for years now, but they have their eye on a major blockbuster, along the lines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the ‘Lord of the Rings’ franchise.

The plot of ‘6 Underground’ revolves around six billionaires that fake their deaths in order to embark on a mission battling evil around the world.  It is hoped that it will be the first in a franchise.

The budget for ‘6 Underground’ is reported to be in the $150-170 million range and out if that, Reynolds gets to pocket $30M.  The film also stars Dave Franco, Mélanie Laurent, Ben Hardy, Corey Hawkins, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Adria Arjona.  The script comes via ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Deadpool 2’ writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

It was Reese who flatly debunked rumors that ‘6 Underground’ is secretly a ‘Thundercats’ adaptation:

Shooting began in August and is expected to take place in Los Angeles, California and Rome, Italy.  Bay recently shared a photo on Instagram that demonstrated a daring stunt from the film, in Florence (not Rome), Italy.

The same source (IGN Middle East) that reported the ‘Thundercats’ rumor, also stated that filming would take place in Abu Dhabi.  That may still be true, if this is indeed the global adventure film that it appears to be.  But ‘Thundercats’ doesn’t take place in the real world.  It takes place on Third Earth, presumably Earth after the apocalypse.  And whoever makes a ‘Thundercats’ movie needs to remember how bad it sucked that the ’80s ‘Masters of the Universe’ movie took place on Earth instead of the fantasy realm Eternia and keep those feline warriors way the hell away from regular Earth.

The ‘Thundercats’ rumor appears to have stemmed from the fact that Bay was reported to be attached to a ‘Thundercats’ movie in 2012, but that story was an April Fool’s joke, which some might not have realized before spreading the “news.”  It does not appear that Bay is in any way connected to a film based on this toy and cartoon concept.

For now, it looks as though the only ‘Thundercats’ revival in the works is the new ‘Thundercats Roar!’ animated series, aimed at a younger audience, that has probably never heard of the original.

Are you disappointed… or relieved that Reynolds and Bay are not making a ‘Thundercats’ live action film?

Source: Screen Rant, /Film