sarah paulson american horror story apocalypse

With the release date of ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse‘ drawing near, FX is ramping up advertising and in doing so has given us our first look at Sarah Paulson in the upcoming season! In this 28-second video, we see Paulson not only sounding creepy but wearing an interesting pantsuit that screams evil. One thing that immediately stood out though is that she didn’t appear to have any “dental appliances” which Ryan Murphy stated she would be wearing this season. I’m not sure if that means they just weren’t visible in this preview or if she could even be playing another new character on the show.

I mean, we already had a chance to see her back as Cordelia from ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ in a recent image.

You can check out our first look at Paulson in the tweet below!

Now, this video quickly proves to be for a contest after she states that: “Now is your chance to be one of the few remaining. This is your chance to survive. We’ll find you soon.”

A contest you can enter by heading over to for a chance to a secretive “American Horror Story” event, assuming you’re in the United States that is.

While Paulson has previously stated that she would be reprising her roles of Billie Dean from ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’ and Cordelia from ‘American Horror Story: Coven,’ she has also shared that she’ll be playing a new character for the show named Venable. Now, there is no guarantee that who we’re seeing here is Venable and this might have been shot just for the contest’s promotional material though I suspect this is the new look that we’ll see the actress sporting in the upcoming season.

Are you excited for the upcoming season of “American Horror Story”? Do you feel that this is the actual look and personality of Venable? What do you think is going on with the “dental appliances” which Ryan Murphy previously spoke of? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line