Crisis On Infinite Earths Heroes unite
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In news that just kind of sucks, British fans of the DC Superhero shows (the ones that air on The CW here in the US), won’t get the complete “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.  There are five parts of this epic altogether.  Here in the US, Part 1 aired on ‘Supergirl’ last Sunday night, followed by Part 2 on ‘Batwoman’ on Monday, and Part 3 on ‘The Flash’ on Tuesday.  That episode will end on a cliffhanger which won’t be resolved until January 14, when parts 4 and 5 air on the same night, with ‘Arrow’ at 8pm EST (once again, here in the US), and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ at 9 pm.

In the UK, Sky One delivers ‘Supergirl’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Arrow’, and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, but NOT ‘Batwoman’.  No one in the UK carries ‘Batwoman’.  So that episode of the “Crisis” crossover simply won’t air there.


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A representative from Sky One told

Sky do not own the rights to broadcast Batwoman, so at present time there are no plans for it to air on Sky One.

“We will, however, be showing the current seasons of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow (and in 2020, Legends of Tomorrow) in full, including all crossover episodes for those series.”

The CW

Resourceful fans will find a way to see the episode, but this begs a couple of questions, primarily, WHY doesn’t Sky One offer ‘Batwoman’?  I think I know the answer to that– Warner Brothers plans to offer ‘Batwoman’ via their upcoming streaming service, HBO Max.  For fans in the US that watch The CW shows on Netflix, this also means that ‘Batwoman’ won’t be available here in the summer when the full seasons are released on that service.  So it’s not just UK viewers who will miss out.  The decision to earmark ‘Batwoman’ specifically for HBO Max could certainly explain why it isn’t available in all markets the same way as the existing Arrowverse shows.

But considering the interconnected nature of this crossover, it makes me wonder why Warner Brothers, The CW, or whoever would be in charge of such decisions, doesn’t repackage the ‘Batwoman’ episode as a “special” or maybe make the ‘Supergirl’ episode two hours long, combining it with the ‘Batwoman’ episode.  Because I have a feeling that missing an entire episode is really going to screw up the entire storyline.

But like I said, resourceful fans will find a way to fill in that gap.