Along with the release of the trailer earlier this week, ‘Game of Thrones’ fans have been given 18 images to stave off their Season 5 needs until its premiere on April 12.

The pictures give little information about what will happen this season, instead hinting at the future character relations and tensions that will be the driving force of the show’s plot. Lets get to them, shall we?

First we have Melisandre with her trademark fire, standing before some of Stannis’s men at the Wall. How will the teachings of the Red Lady’s god fair in lands of the Old Gods and the New?


Ramsey Bolton, now raised from his baseborn name Ramsey Snow, stands within what we can presume to be Winterfell beside his father Roose Bolton and his new wife Lady Walda.


Missandei and Grey Worm standing together looking concerned – along with new events within Meereen, the two are likely concerned with a growing romance between them?

Cersei Lannister walks the streets of King’s Landing with one of the Kingsguard, dressed in black not just for her first born son Joffrey but for her recently murdered father Tywin. How will the loss of her father change her this season?


Ellaria Sand, back in her homeland Dorne, at odds with Areo Hotah, a new character for this season. She is dressed in black as well for her recently murdered lover, Oberyn Martell.


Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish, now down from the heights of the Eyrie, stand upon the lands within the Vale. Whether they dress in mourning for the recently murdered Lysa Arryn, or in anticipation of the people they plan to revenge upon, we can’t yet know for sure.

Jon Snow stands before Stannis Baratheon and his Hand Davos Seaworth. After saving the Watch from the wildlings, what will Stannis want from the Watchers on the Wall?

Margaery Tyrell smiles at Cersei Lannister, her ladies in waiting standing behind her. The tension between the mother and the aspiring-wife-to-be of Tommen Lannister will likely be one of the central plots of Season 5. Tensions that include more threats of strangling while they sleep, we can guess.

Cersei and Jaime Lannister, not so lovingly gazing upon each other. Last season ended with the two agreeing to no longer hiding their relationship – will the death of Tywin change that?

Here we have another new character for this season: Doran Martell, brother of Oberyn and Elia Martell and ruler of Dorne. How will the Prince of Dorne respond to having lost now two siblings to The Mountain?


Close up of Jon Snow. Not much to say here; looking pretty grim as per usual, justifiably so with the recent death of his lover Ygritte.

Brienne of Tarth sits with her squire Podrick. Still searching for the remaining Stark children, where will their journey take them this season?

Cersei with her second and now only son Tommen. Will she be able to maintain control over him with Margaery in tow?

Arya Stark, now in Braavos, stands before the doors of the House of Black and White. A new setting, a new way of life – we can expect many new changes for the Stark girl.

Tormund Giantsbane stands shackled with his fellow wildlings, now prisoners of war. What will the Watchers do with the Free Folk who survived their defeat at the Wall?

Daenerys Targaryen dressed in white stands overlooking one of her city-states Meereen. Now Dragon-less, what does Daenerys plan to do with her cities, and how will she maintain her control over them?

The High Sparrow, a new character for this season. Little is known about him but for him to be included within these images suggests that he’ll be very important for the upcoming season.




And finally, now on the run for his life, Tyrion Lannister sits besides his savior Varys the Master of Whispers. What is in store for the kinslayer-and-presumed-kingslayer across the Narrow Sea?

A lot of new characters, a lot of new settings, a whole lot of murders to avenge and murders to commit. After all the huge plot twists left off at the end of Season 4, we can expect many changes for the new upcoming season. All we can do now to speculate what those changes might be for the next two months until April.

‘Game of Thrones’ returns to HBO beginning Sunday, April 12 on HBO.