We’re only a week away from Marvel’s ‘Inhumans‘ taking over IMAX screens across the nation and the latest trailer has Queen Medusa as its focus. The entire Royal Family will be in the spotlight in this mini-series which will debut on the big screen as we see the manipulative Maximus trying to take the throne from Black Bolt and Medusa. While we’ve seen plenty of scenes from the show so far this is probably the most action-packed trailer that has been released to date!

Serinda Swan’s Medusa has often been one of the major complaints in the series, or rather her hair has been. Until recently it hasn’t been the main focus and clearly the CGI wasn’t complete for it but now we’re seeing a bit of what it is capable of, right as we get a new shot of her showing that she isn’t just her powerful hair.

Let’s take a look:

While Maximus states that things are going to be changing forever which echoes the constant cry by Marvel’s marketing department of “nothing will ever be the same”, this is a boast that may fall a little flat here. Unfortunately, at this time it is looking as if the Inhumans won’t be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and may not even cross over to ABC’s other shows. Without this kind of direct integration things changing forever will be short-lived and trapped in the bubble of this series.

I want this series to be good and while it looks like the trailer is hinting that we might actually have a solid comic show on our hands, without the connections to any of the greater Marvel universes being established this could very well fall flat on its face.

Are you looking forward to Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’? What do you think of the latest trailer for the series? Share your thoughts below True Believers!