Star Trek: Discovery

As ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ aired there were mixed responses to the darker nature of the series though it sounds like some of that is going to be changing. In a recent interview at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, Anthony Rapp spoke a bit about the tone of the series and how it would change in the second season. Not only that, but he shares a few hints of what is to come for his character Paul Stamets as well!

Now, if you haven’t seen the show yet there is a pretty large spoiler as he explains why the first season was so dark compared to your standard “Star Trek” series:

“So much of the darkness was informed by the fact that our captain was from the Mirror Universe. Everything was geared toward telling that story. And how do we reach our ideals, sometimes you have to go through darkness to come out and realize what you really hold up to be true. So, yes it was unfamiliar in some ways, but it was still ultimately steeped in the tenets and beliefs in this universe, always. Going to humanity’s higher purpose. But, yes, it was unusually dark.”

As to how things will change moving forward, Rapp shares that the introduction of Anson Mount as Captain Pike will have a huge impact on how the crew evolves. Also, it sounds like we’ll be able to actually deal with many of the issues which had come up previously:

“So in [season two] we have moved through this and come out the other side. Pike is sort of an exemplary captain. He is exactly the kind of familiar Starfleet captain you would always want. And I think that alone sets such a different tone. And yes, there is certainly more humor, but there is also this settling that happens after all the craziness of season one and all the massive events. Now, in season two, so much of it gets to settle, and we get to deal with it. And there is time and space for all of that, which is really satisfying.”

Now if you’re wondering how Paul Stamets is going to react to the loss of Hugh Culber, this is where we get a taste of things to come as he states:

“It’s been really satisfying that it’s not in any way that is cliché or typical. It feels specific and human and true to Stamets, and I’ve been really grateful that the writers have given me that kind of material to work with.”

It sounds like we’ll see him dealing with the loss head on and it will help define what he does going forward.

Are you eager for the second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ to beam onto your favorite streaming device? Do you think that the second season will resolve continuity issues as well as the plot points which have been brought up so far? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Trek Movie