I guess not everyone can be built like J-Lo.  It appears that Marvel Studios is hiring an unexpected sort of double for one of its Avengers.  While obviously, Chris Evans and company employ stunt doubles for some of their riskier acts of daring, a new posting from Central Casting, based out of Georgia, is looking for a “Body/Butt Double” for a Marvel project.  The description reads, “Looking for a female who appears to be Caucasian, 20’s-30’s. Height 5’2 – 5’4, Bust 32B – 32D, waist 25 – 27, hips 36 – 38, dress size 0-4. Hair color: BLONDE.”  It goes on to state that applicants must submit a “full body shot of your backside (wearing ALL BLACK, leggings or yoga pants- must be form fitting).

Here is the cast listing if you want to check it out:

Though not listed in this posting, the film that they are hiring for is ‘Mary Lou’, which was the working title of ‘Avengers 4’.

‘Avengers 4’ has wrapped, however t,here could be some last minute reshoots needed.  There are still several months before it, or its direct predecessor ‘Captain Marvel’, comes out after all.  The description really narrows things down though.  The fact that the person they are seeking is a blonde, Caucasian woman, wearing all-black leggings could point toward Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow, who inexplicably went blonde in ‘Infinity War’, but in concept art for ‘Avengers 4’ it looks as though she went back to darker hair for that movie.

Plus… well from this image as well as the one at the top of the page, it doesn’t look as though she needs a double.  She has worn a snug black bodysuit in six movies and to the best of our knowledge has never needed a stunt booty.

*Sigh* butt but there is a more likely explanation and it starts with this side-by-side comparison shot that launched a thousand memes.  In it, we see Tom Holland in his tighter-than-average Spider-Man suit on one side, compared to Brie Larson dressed as Captain Marvel from her movie and… well, she’s no Scarlett Johansson.  (Or Tom Holland for that matter.)

If I had to put money on it, I’d say that someone at Marvel decided that Larson just wasn’t Marvel-ous enough in one area, so for some close-up shots, they wanted someone who could… um stand in for her.

Well, we’ll see when ‘Captain Marvel’ arrives on March 8, 2019, followed by ‘Avengers 4’ on May 3, 2019.