Ray Fisher Cyborg

A rumor surfaced in June that Ray Fisher was unhappy with his lacking role as Cyborg/Victor Stone in the DC movies and wanted out.  But Fisher has gone on the record to affirm that he isn’t leaving anytime soon.

Fisher took to Twitter to dispel any questions as to whether or not he would pop back up on the big screen:

Cyborg has always been the iffiest of the big screen DC heroes.  Having been introduced in 1980, twenty years after the Justice League of America debuted, obviously he wasn’t a founding member, although when DC relaunched their entire comic line in 2011 during the New 52 initiative, he was suddenly shoehorned in as a founder instead of Martian Manhunter.

Though he was featured on the popular ‘Teen Titans’ and ‘Teen Titans GO!’ cartoons, he simply isn’t as iconic as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest.  There were plans for a solo ‘Cyborg’ movie loosely scheduled for 2020, and he was meant to guest star in ‘The Flash’ solo movie, to further flesh him out before his own film.  But there was never a script written nor a director attached.  With the entire DC film series under-performing outside of ‘Wonder Woman,’ there has been a lot of changes in the schedule and right now, it doesn’t even look like a ‘Justice League’ sequel is in the works, much less a solo ‘Cyborg’ installment.

What really fanned the flames of Fisher’s departure rumors was the fact that ‘Doctor Who”s Joivan Wade has been cast to play Cyborg on the upcoming DC Universe series ‘Doom Patrol’.  Generally speaking, Warner Brothers has attempted to keep their movie and TV universes separate by forbidding the use of film characters, like Deathstroke the Terminator and the Suicide Squad, from being used on their TV shows.  There are a few exceptions, of course, most notably The Flash who is both a TV star and a movie character.  And they even allowed ‘Supergirl’ to use a TV version of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) while they were using the character in the movies.

But generally speaking, there have been efforts to limit certain characters to one or the other.  The fact that Cyborg, played by another actor was heading into a live action TV series made people think that this meant the end for Fisher, but in his own words “if/when the time comes for me to hang up my all-too-revealing mocap onesie, you will hear it from me directly.”

Are you glad to get another chance to see Ray Fisher as Cyborg in another film?