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Lady Gaga might be larger than life, but she won’t be superhuman.  Though she is best known for her music career, with hit singles like ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Bad Romance’, she did earn a Golden Globe for acting on ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’.  She will also be seen on the big screen in October in the musical ‘A Star Is Born’ for which she is already getting Academy Award buzz.  But while she is clearly interested in acting, she won’t be taking what may seem like an easy route– a superhero role.  Reportedly, Gaga was offered the chance to headline Warner Brothers’ DC Universe movie ‘Birds of Prey’ as either Black Canary or The Huntress but she turned the film down.

It’s not really clear why Gaga was offered this movie since she isn’t best known for acting and her cold vampire role on ‘American Horror Story’ doesn’t really hint that she’d make a great superhero.  Perhaps Warner Brothers simply wanted her for name recognition.  Gaga does typically have platinum blonde hair and wear fishnets like Black Canary, at least.


These aren’t official statements, so take things with a grain of salt and either way it’s not happening.

A few singers have been eyed for superhero roles.  In the late ’80s/early ’90s, Cher’s name was mentioned as a possible Catwoman in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns’, but of course that role went to Michelle Pfeiffer.  Reportedly, Madonna and Courtney Love were considered for the role of Harley Quinn, who would have been depicted as The Joker’s daughter in ‘Batman Triumphant’, a film that was never made.  Madonna did go on to star in a film based on a comic strip, ‘Dick Tracy’.  Beyoncé expressed a desire to play Wonder Woman.  And Justin Bieber played Robin in a Funny or Die video.  (And technically, Eminem dressed as Robin in his ‘The Real Slim Shady’ music video.)  Taylor Swift was falsely rumored to play Dazzler in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.  More recently, it was rumored that Halston Sage or Suki Waterhouse might play Dazzler, but neither is a recording artist.

Do you think Lady Gaga would have made a good Black Canary?  Or Huntress?

Source: Comic Book Movie