With First Contact Day only a month away, I thought we’d take a look at ‘Star Trek: First Contact’ for Throwback Thursday, ScienceFiction.com’s look at great science fiction of the past. After all, without this movie, we would never know that April 5th would be the day we’d test a warp engine and catch the attention of the Vulcans.

Frankly, the future’s got some pretty big shoes to fill if the movie is anything to go by.

Anyway, everyone has their favorite ‘Star Trek’ movie, and mine will always be ‘First Contact’.

It’s everything you would ever want in ‘Star Trek’ movie, from time travel, the Borg, and battles in space suits with super powerful magnets. And with the brief three minute appearance of the Defiant, and an appearance from the Emergency Medical Protocol, it’s probably the most we’ll ever get of ‘Deep Space 9’ or ‘Voyager’ in a franchise movies.

Essentially, the story follows the crew of Enterprise as they chase down a rogue time traveling Borg ship that is intent of stopping “First Contact’, i.e, the day Humans make contact with the Vulcans, which will inevitably start a chain reaction that leads to the eventual creation of The Federation. Now in the past, they have to fix the timeline, though their hero, Zefram Cochrane, isn’t the pioneering warp engineer who has been lauded in the history books. Turns out he’s a cowardly drunk.

But that’s okay, because it gives us fantastic scenes with a drunken Troi who isn’t used to drinks that aren’t Synthahol.

While people may fight over the best ‘Star Trek’ movies, I think it’s undeniable of the four Next Generation movies, ‘First Contact’ is a strong first. As for all of them, it certainly ties with ‘Wrath of Khan’ in terms of simple entertainment.

If you have Netflix, it is currently available on streaming. You can also purchase the movie here on Amazon.