Arrowverse crossover

Each year, The CW’s DC Universe TV shows crossover for an epic all-star battle royale.  Things reached a climax last fall, with ‘Crisis on Earth-X’, in which the heroes battled Nazi versions of themselves.  It was announced some time ago that the upcoming season would shift gears– you can only grow so big.  So the next crossover, which hasn’t been given a name yet, will scale things back.  The story will be more intimate but still hugely significant as it will take place in Gotham City, a location never shown on these programs, and will introduce the first Batman-related hero, Batwoman.

But as part of this shift to something smaller, a huge number of heroes won’t be present.  ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will sit this event out– not just the heroes but the entire show.  That means, unless things change, the event will kick off on ‘Supergirl’ which flies over to Sunday nights this fall.  Part two will take place on ‘Arrow’ on Monday and wrap up on ‘The Flash’ on Tuesday.  Let’s be honest, even though ‘Legends’ is “the team show,” all three others are team shows as well.  That also means that unlike ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ and ‘Invasion!’, this story will be condensed into three hours.

The crossover events are always the highest rated episodes of all of these programs and have been crowd-pleasers.  So it’s unlikely that the creators were unhappy with the outcome of ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ or ‘Invasion!’.  This is probably simply a desire to do something completely different from a story perspective.

News just emerged that The CW is developing a solo series for ‘Batwoman’, so it’s also likely that the writers and producers want to give her a proper build-up to justify giving her her own series (if things go according to plan).  ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ introduced a new hero, The Ray played by Russell Tovey.  And while ‘The Ray’ will star in a series of animated shorts on The CW Seed, there don’t appear to be any plans in place to give him his own live action show.

Warner Brothers will be holding panels for its various properties at San Diego Comic-Con, so check back for any further news as it surfaces.

Source: Cinema Blend