Rob Liefeld

With ‘Deadpool‘ already killing it at the box office, it seems that the character’s creator Rob Liefeld can’t get enough of his popularity. Now comes news that Liefeld is actually mourning the loss of the Donald Glover animated television series which was in the works for FX.

When asked about it directly, Liefeld shared his thoughts on the cancellation during the premiere of Marvel Studios’ ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ and was glad that he “can talk about this now”:

“Okay, I can talk about this now. I thought the whole thing was brilliant, and I really can’t say anything more than that, because then I’ll get in all sorts of trouble from every side…I mourn the loss of that entire project.”

I think we’re all still hoping that Glover finds a way to leak some test footage that sets the entire Internet on fire just like how the original debut of Reynolds’ take on the Merc with the Mouth worked out.

You can see Liefeld comment directly in the video below:

Liefeld also shared that Glover was “a genius” which is something his fans have known for years now and one has to wonder if he had any inside information as to the direction the series was set to take.

Do you wish that Donald Glover’s take on ‘Deadpool’ would have seen the light of day? Would the show have been as much of a hit with fans as Ryan Reynolds’ films have been? What story arcs from the comics do you wish Glover had been able to adapt had this series aired? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Variety