Deadpool Green Lantern

Without the leaked ‘Deadpool’ test footage the movie would have never come to life and now we’ve learned that Ryan Reynolds filmed it during the opening weekend of ‘Green Lantern.’ Earlier this year we learned that Reynolds has never even seen ‘Green Lantern’ in its entirety and now his distaste for the film might have occurred before it was even released. It isn’t clear if the ‘Deadpool’ test footage was shot because Reynolds knew ‘Green Lantern’ would bomb and he was looking towards the future or if that was the only time everyone involved was available to film.

News of this timing came from Rob Liefeld during a Las Vegas Comic-Con panel:

“I would go watch that footage at Tim’s studio for three years. People forget! That footage was filmed in 2011. Ryan filmed that the weekend Green Lantern came out. I was at Blur Studios. Ryan filmed that the weekend Green Lantern was opening, that’s how old that footage is!”

While Liefeld was only talking about the footage being shot five years before the film actually ended up being released, the timing has to make you wonder how committed to the DC property he was.

Are you glad that Ryan Reynolds wasn’t out helping promote ‘Green Lantern’ and instead was doing the test run for ‘Deadpool’? Can you imagine a world where the star had stayed around to promote ‘Green Lantern’ instead of planting the seeds for the Merc with the Mouth? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend