Ant-Man And The Wasp

‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ has introduced a slew of new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we know that Kevin Feige would happily bring back at least one of them. Obviously, this could be considered spoiler territory as to who survives the film, so we’ll tread lightly and if you want to know who Marvel Studios’ head honcho has always planned to see return you can scroll past the image below. If you haven’t seen the film yet, though, I highly suggest making a point to check it out as it was just as fun as the first outing!

As you’re still with us this is what Kevin Feige had to say about “our new Ghost friend”:

“In this case, the story was always – spoiler! – to keep her around. This was not the story of defeating a villain and everybody cheering. This is a different kind of villain story. When and where – in the tag, he mentions “his new Ghost friend” – is something we’ll see. But there’s nothing better than struggling over the decision about what characters to bring into a movie, casting those characters, writing and putting them together in a way that works in the movie, and then have audiences go “we love them, when are we going to see them again?” Shuri for sure is a great example of that. So with Ghost, it is, step one: complete. As for step two, we’ll see where we go with that.”

We know that Ghost was trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. to be an assassin and spy and the comic version was also a thief. With Scott Lang also being a thief in the film there is an easy way for the story to jump in that direction and it isn’t clear if we could see Ghost as a hero or villain going forward.

It should be noted that Ghost was a member of two iterations of the ‘Thunderbolts’ which is a group of villains who ended up becoming heroes, even if only for a limited time. This is just speculation but with Zemo also out there, it is one direction the character could go. Another is that the ‘Black Widow’ movie could find a way to make use of the character.

There are plenty of options here to see Hannah John-Kamen return to reprise the role outside of just a third ‘Ant-Man’ movie.

Would you be thrilled to see Ghost return in ‘Ant-Man 3’ or somewhere else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Even though she was described as a friend at the end of the film do you think she’ll return as a hero or potentially a third or assassin? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Screen Rant