Aquaman 2 The Others

Four years ago, the Twitter account Aquasite posted a scoop, that the ‘Aquaman’ movie would feature Mera, Orm, Black Manta and The Trench.  While the first three were basically no-brainers, the revelation that the toothy monsters The Trench would appear was more unexpected, but as it turns out, they were right.  Not only were The Trench there, trying to eat Aquaman and Mera as they searched for the Trident of Atlan, but now the buzz is that Warner Brothers is producing a spinoff horror flick with these mutated Atlanteans.

Now Aquasite is back with what may be another major scoop about the sequel.  Check it out!

With a simple “#Aquaman2” as the caption, the Aquasite hints that the sequel will introduce Aquaman’s side team The Others.

Introduced in 2012’s ‘Aquaman’ #7, written by Geof Johns and illustrated by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, The Others were a team that Aquaman was a member of before the formation of the Justice League.  The old group would still get together when needed, with each member powered by a unique Atlantean relic.  Aquaman’s was obviously his trident.

The team consisted of:

  • Kahina, an Iranian Seer with precognitive abilities, who commanded the Seal of Clarity which allowed her to decipher any language.  She also carried a scimitar.  She was secretly in love with her teammate Ya’Wara.
  • The Operative, a secret agent-type who possesses the Atlantean Key, which can unlock anything.
  • Prisoner-of-War, a veteran from New Orleans, he wears dog tags that keep him in contact with his deceased brethren.  He brandishes the Manacles of Force, chained shackles around his wrists which, when banged together, generate a forcefield.
  • Vostok-X, a Russian isolationist powered by the Atlantean Helmet, which allows him to survive without food, air or water.  He also wears a jetpack, because wouldn’t you?
  • Ya’Wara, who was raised in the jungles of Brazil by the Forest Mother, who also gave Ya’Wara the ability to communicate telepathically with animals, specifically her jaguar who constantly accompanies her.  She is also able to communicate telepathically with Aquaman.  She possesses the Globe of Transportation, a pendant that allows her to teleport herself and others.

In their first appearance, Kahina was killed by Black Manta who stole her Seal of Clarity.  She was replaced by a young Native American woman, Sky Alchesay, a necromancer who can also walk through the world of the dead as a means of teleportation.  It was her ability to speak to Kahina’s dead spirit that allowed her to gain the trust of The Others.

After appearing in ‘Aquaman’, DC gave them their own title ‘Aquaman and The Others’ which lasted for 11 issues.

While The Others are cool, it might have been nice to see Aquaman in a less cluttered movie.  The first felt kind of bloated with so many characters.  Then again, this is just a rumor at the moment.  Time will tell if this turns out to be true.

Did you read the ‘Aquaman’ comics featuring The Others?  Are you excited at the prospect of them appearing in ‘Aquaman 2’?

‘Aquaman’ arrives on home video on March 26, 2019.  ‘Aquaman 2’ is scheduled to hit theaters on December 16, 2022.