Jared Leto Joker

It’s been a while since we heard any news concerning Jared Leto‘s Joker, who debuted in 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’.  Leto and director David Ayer famously shot hours of additional footage that didn’t make it into the finished movie, much to Leto’s regret.  Then came word that Warner Brothers was developing a separate ‘Joker’ origin movie to be executive produced by Martin Scorsese, but that it would not star Leto or be connected to any existing DC Comics movies.  But Leto might be getting his come-up as WB has announced that they are in the earliest stages of developing a solo movie for Leto’s ‘Joker’ and that Leto would serve as an executive producer.  This is only the second time an actor has been announced as having an EP role in a movie that they were going to star in, following Margot Robbie, who shared the screen with Leto in ‘Suicide Squad’, and who WB promptly announced would be getting her own solo movie shortly after she wowed audiences in the villain team-up.

In fact, WB seemed so keen on getting Harley Quinn back on the screen that they were developing several potential vehicles for Robbie, some of which were rumored to have room for Leto to reprise his punk rock interpretation of DC’s Clown Prince of Crime, including ‘Gotham City Sirens’, ‘Suicide Squad 2’ and a Joker/Harley twisted romance story.  It now looks like Robbie will next appear in ‘Birds of Prey’, but the latest rumor is that The Penguin will be the big villain in that flick.

Considering that it’s been a while since any news has surfaced regarding the Scorsese movie, it’s possible that that project has stalled and WB, seeing the value of the famous villain, is instead positioning a Leto vehicle in its place, but that is purely speculation.  ‘Suicide Squad 2’ was chugging right along, with Gavin O’Connor set to write and direct, and rumors that at long last, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam would appear, but the latest buzz is that Adam was being omitted and that ‘Suicide Squad 2’ may be pushed back in favor of ‘Birds of Prey’.  Hopefully, WB will make some announcements at San Diego Comic Con or one of the other big cons this summer.

Are you interested in seeing Leto reprise his ‘Suicide Squad’ role in an entire movie?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter