Bryce Dallas Howard Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In a movie about dinosaurs, one focus of ‘Jurassic World’ was by audiences commenting on Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire wearing heels while on the run in the forest and she’s going to rock them again in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!’ Only in this outing, Claire will be more practical about it and be wearing them for work and not while on the run. While the actress does claim that “It was dangerous wearing heels all the time” in the first film, she also insisted on keeping them because “it was important to me – it was hard for me to be Claire without those heels. It was like her armor, you know? It was her strength. So yeah, I ran through the jungle, for a few months, in high-heeled shoes!”

If you think about this no-nonsense woman in that context, it makes sense why she wouldn’t want to ditch her heels even while running through the forest. However, the character has evolved a bit on her line of thinking as:

“Obviously Claire is prepared this time going to the island, so she’s naturally going to wear boots, but in the first scene, like you mentioned, I’m wearing high-heels, and it was written like ‘Claire’s wearing sneakers.’ Like specifically, Claire’s wearing speakers.


And I just circled that when I was reading it, and I was like ‘No…no it’s an office, Claire would wear heels.’ And then it was like another scene where I’m like ‘hmm, well Claire’s kind of like…she’s going to wear heels in this scene also.’”

So, she’ll still be wearing heels but just not throughout the entire production. To expand on this reasoning, she even gives the view that:

“It’s important, I think, to be truthful to the character in that way. In that, she can do both! She can wear flats, and she can wear heels! It’s a part of the character and kind of a metaphor for her journey. And that’s how it was intended in the first, and intended in the second.”

While it could be taken the wrong way it is a subtle shift in not only the dynamic of the character but gives you a slightly deeper meaning as to why exactly she did wear heels throughout the first movie even with dinosaurs in pursuit.

Do you feel that Bryce Dallas Howard was right that her character should still be wearing heels in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’? Are you glad that Claire has changed enough to not always insist on wearing them when in the jungle? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Radio Times