SPOILER ALERT!  This is a full episode recap, so if you want to avoid spoilers, please watch the episode before reading this!

Artemis is upset that things keep going worse and worse for herself and Aqualad, who was mind-wiped by a vengeful Miss Martian. Unaware that Artemis’ death was staged, the pair could go undercover inside of The Light, the biggest criminal organization in the world.  She and Wally had been living a perfectly normal life outside of the Team, but she jumped at the chance to go undercover when Nightwing asked.  She also reminds up that the magical charm necklace she wears disguises her to nearly everyone.

Black Manta summons her to Kaldur’ahm’s room where he lies unconscious and introduces her to Psimon, who is going to try putting Kaldur’s psyche back together.  Manta states that he could always tell that she and Kaldur cared for one another and were loyal, so he asks her to oversee the process just in case things go wrong.  He also assures her that he will get revenge on Miss Martian, which also worries Artemis.  She realizes that Psimon will uncover their ruse, as Black Manta leaves and Psimon mentally prepares to enter Kaldur’s mind.

Green Beetle wants Miss Martian to probe his mind to prove that he is an ally.  He immediately realizes that Miss Martian is a white martian, disguised as a green one.  He also realizes that she has recently had a negative psychic experience and opens his mind to her.  After a brief scan, which we are not privy to, she declares that he is on their side.

Back on Manta’s ship, Tigress has no choice to to try drugging Psimon, but it doesn’t quite work as she planned, with Psimon lashing out and slamming her around with his telekinesis.  He also probes her mind and realizes her true identity and that the serum she is using on him was invented by her father the Sportsmaster and will knock him out for weeks.

He collapses just as Black Manta enters the room and Tigress says that she doesn’t know what happened and that he just attacked her.  She bluffs, asking if Miss Martian could have left a mental boobie trap that would attack any telepath that could try to cure Kaldur, speculating that the only telepath immune would be Miss Martian herself.  She volunteers to “kidnap” her, but Manta insist she take Deathstroke along with her.

Meanwhile, The Reach rolls out their new beverage called Reach that Green Beetle states will addict the human race and make them docile, unable to revolt againts their conquerors.  Nightwing says that The Atom and The Flash had already confirmed that.  Feeling that he is still being tested, Green Beetle adds that another chemical is a metagene marker, allowing The Reach to track down potential metahumans, to harvest and weaponize the gene.  When Blue Beetle asks why they don’t go public, Nightwing reminds him that the Justice League’s credibility is in the toilet right now.  He then dismisses the meeting, asking Green Beetle where he plans to stay.  He takes on a human appearance and states that he will stay near Taos.

Meanwhile, La’Ghaan asks Miss Martian if they can talk.  She looks to Superboy who simply nods.  She agrees to talk to him at the Martian Manhunter’s apartment in Chicago.  But before they can even get there, he blurts out what’s been on his mind, wondering why she hasn’t been returning his calls, avoiding him and he questions what’s going on between her and Superboy.

Before she can respond, Tigress and Deathstroke attack.  Telepathically, Artemis tells her that she’s there to kidnap her to help Kaldur, so make their fight look believable.  Unfortunately, for Lagoon Boy. Deathstroke is in this for real and the villain injures his leg.  Tigress takes Miss Martian down with fire and they depart just as Superboy and Nightwing arrive.

In Taos, Green Beetle offers to help Jaime learn to control his scarab so that The Reach can’t take him over, but he makes the mistake of saying that the way he gained control of his was by using his Martian shape-shifting ability.  Jaime pleads with him to do the same with his.

Black Manta welcomes Miss Martian, explaining that she is wearing an inhibitor collar that negates all of her powers.  He tells her that Deathstroke is watching from afar, outside the range of her mental abilities, and if she tries anything funny with her telepathy, he will trigger an explosive in the collar.

M’Gann is unsure that she can actually accomplish what they’re asking of her.  Artemis asks to be taken in as well, to convince Kaldur that this is not an attack.  Not having any other choice, M’Gann takes them in.  They find themselves in an underwater world and Artemis starts drowning, but Me’Gann tells her it’s not real and she is immediately better.  They look around and find images of Atlantis in ruins.  They are then attacked by Kaldur’s beloved Tula, hurling hard-water constructs at them.

In Chicago, Nightwing is forced to come clean to Lagoon Boy and Superboy about The Team’s secret mission, revealing that they faked Artemis’ death and that Artemis is, in fact, Tigress.  He cautions them that if they interfere things could go horribly wrong.

Lagoon Boy is still furious at being kept in the dark, saying that he tried to kill Kaldur in one battle.  Superboy stands by Nightwing, saying that he must have had good reason not to tell them all, but once the pair exit Lag’haan’s room, Superboy also attacks Nightwing’s decision, telling him that because M’Gann thought that Aqualad was a real traitor and that he had seemingly killed Artemis, she fried his brain.  This is why Tigress grabbed Miss Martian, to try and fix that, but he worries that if she can’t succeed Manta might just kill her as well as Tigress, if he sees through her disguise.  “And then we’ll have lost all three of them, because thought it was a bad idea to share.”

Back in Kaldur’s brain, Artemis convinces herself that Tula’s attack is not real, so her water weapons pass right through her.  Somehow, Miss Martian has forgotten her own advice and Tula’s assault is actually working against her.  Artemis finds what’s left of Kaldur, but his face is missing and he laments that there’s nothing left in his brain but ruins.  She struggles to save him from a vortex.

Back at the battle, Miss Martian asks Tula to end it, but Artemis interrupts and tells her to fight to save Kaldur.  They begin trying to reconstruct the wreckage, when Tigress is snatched back into consciousness by Black Manta.  She says she feels that she’s been standing for hours and he points out that she has.  Kaldur utters “Father” and Manta satisfied that there has been progress, states that Miss Martian lives… for now.

Back in Taos, Impulse finds Green and Blue Beetles, with Green linked in to Jaime’s scarab.  He interrupts and warns Gren that if he’s hurt Jaime… but Jaime chimes in stating that it worked and there is no more scarab talking in his head.  He’s in full control!

Wow!  That’s a lot from one episode!  The Kaldur storyline has been building for several weeks, so it’s nice to advance that.  M’Gann’s struggles with her confidence has also been going on just as long, so it was nice she was forced to “man up” to save Kaldur.  We get a bit further with The Reach’s machinations and finally Nightwing was forced to reveal their secret plan to Superboy and Lagoon Boy.  (It’s never been really explained why Superboy and Miss Martian weren’t involved)

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