Edward Furlong
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SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet seen ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ and still plan to, be warned that this article contains a pretty huge SPOILER!  Turn back now or proceed with caution.

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ failed for a variety of reasons including franchise fatigue, but some diehard fans were dismayed when a certain early plot twist leaked early.  Specifically, Edward Furlong returned in the role of John Connor, a role he first played when he was just 13.  But in the opening minutes of the film, his character is gunned down, changing the course of history.  Over the course of the movie, his mother Sarah (Linda Hamilton) discovers a new potential champion, Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes).

Longtime fans were ticked off that this person, who was supposedly the salvation of humanity in the face of the robot army, was dispatched so quickly.  Furlong himself was pretty upset, but hey, at least he got paid.


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In a Youtube interview with Alex Leyba Furlong stated:

“They smoked my ass!  That was the role. I did it for a day – I shot for one day. And, yeah, we did some CGI. They paid me. So, I mean, ya know. It kinda bums me out. Cause I’d love to do a whole one and make a shit-ton of money. I would love to do more, but we’ll see what happens.”



Sadly, like many child actors, Furlong suffered from drug addiction which resulted in him being replaced by Nick Stahl in ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.’  Prior to ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’, Furlong’s last acting role was as the “Fixer” in the crowd-funded digital series ‘Star Trek: Renegades’.  His movies tend to be either low-budget indies or go straight-to-video.  His last major film appearance was in the 2011 Seth Rogan superhero flop ‘The Green Hornet’.  So yeah, he probably would love to make a ton of money in another big-budget picture.

It’s doubtful that Paramount is going to make another ‘Terminator’ movie anytime soon, with or without Furlong.  Not only did ‘Dark Fate’ flop, but it followed another failure, 2015’s ‘Terminator: Genisys’.  This franchise seems to have completely run out of gas.

Did you see ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’?  If so, how did you feel about John Connor being killed off?