maisie williams

Well, it seems that Maisie Williams saw all the reports from earlier this week citing her “quote” about ‘Game of Thrones’ returning in April of 2019, and she was not happy about it. Apparently, that quote is not accurate. According to a new tweet that she released, that quote is from a few years ago and does not pertain to the final season of the series at all. That means all of the news about ‘Game of Thrones’ coming back in April as well as her statements about the show wrapping up shooting in December that came from the same quote is not accurate.

On the plus side, we did warn that it may not be totally factual, as we got the news from EW who noticed that her statement when shooting would conclude did not match up with what others had stated, and thusly concluded the whole thing may not be 100% correct. But still, it is a little disheartening to once again be in the dark about when exactly in 2019 ‘Game of Thrones’ will be returning.

For Maise’s full statement, check out the Tweet she released below to help clarify matters:

Now, there is a chance that it COULD still be returning in April of 2019, but that would simply be a coincidence at this point, though it would make sense for the show to return to the air dates that it held for so many years during the height of its run. But with the length of these episodes and the type of special effects they might be looking at with massive battles, White Walkers, dragons, dragon wights, magic, etc, they might want to take a little extra time for post-production for the final season, which could mean releasing a little later into 2019.

I suppose we’ll find out eventually, but until then, feel free to share your thoughts on when it could return in the comments below!