In the latest promo for DC’s upcoming ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ we see a lot more of the set-up for the series, especially in regards to why specifically Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) is forced to form a team in the first place. The trailer opens with Rip Hunter speaking to his fellow Time Masters, discussing the billions of lives lost and carnage caused by Vandal Savage, who seems to be unstoppable in their time period. The council points out that the Time Masters have no army for Hunter to use to stop Vandal Savage, but Hunter continues by saying he needs no army, only a team. And this, of course, is followed by shots of every member of the ‘Legends’ team that Rip Hunter assembles, with some quick action thrown in for pacing and excitement.

It is a cool promo in that we see where Rip Hunter is coming from, and what is happening in the future that makes it so important for him to join the Atom, The White Canary, Firestorm, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl into a team that can travel through time to stop Vandal Savage. And considering how little we currently know in the CW/DC universe about Time Travel and Rip Hunter in particular, it is very interesting that they would show us so much about these Time Masters in a quick promo for the show. It either means that this is literally all we are going to see of the future so it is not that much of a spoiler, or else is means this is but a tiny scene not that important in the grand scheme of things, and when we really see the “future” it will be much grander.

Make sure to check out the full promo below, and then let us know your thoughts down in the comments section!