It’s hard to believe that Venom has been showing on page for 3 decades, but with his upcoming 30th birthday in May, the entire Marvel Universe will be ‘Venomized’! The celebration will be kicking off this January, 31st starting with ‘Web of Venom’ and a new poster by Clayton Crain. This story combined with the recent events in “Edge of Venomverse“, ‘Venomverse”, “Venom Inc.” and the soon to be released “Poison X” story arc will all be tying together for this anniversary that will honor “the Marvel Universe’s most infamous alien symbiote” in all his glory.

Things have been moving forward to this event for over a year now but really ramped up in ‘Venom’ #150 when Eddie Brock once again regained his bond with the now sick symbiote.

The final event leading up to the 30th anniversary of Spidey’s nemesis will be ‘Venomized’ #1! The comic has an April 4th, 2018, release date with writing by the always spectacular Cullen Bunn and art handled by the amazing Iban Coello. In this tale, “the ravenous Poisons—not satisfied with their war against the super powered symbiotes—look to consume every hero in the Marvel Universe!”

‘Venomized’ is a weekly 5-part series that will end on the Venom’s 30th and I don’t think we’re going to be getting cake for this celebration. I can’t imagine how things are going to play out with this mess going on, Eddie combined with Venom once more, Flash Thompson wanting to rejoin the Symbiote which he considered a friend, and Lee Price who took a part of Venom and has made an army of Symbiote slaves similar to what Carnage has done in the past.

All of this plus Marvel has told us to “stay tuned for a new secret Venom Project” coming in May 2018!

Are you looking forward to these major ‘Venom’ themed events all coming together in ‘Venomized’? What do you think this event will mean for Venom by the time the book comes to a close? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel