justice league dark

It’s no secret that Warner Brothers is struggling to get its superhero movies up and running.  One prime example is ‘Justice League Dark’.  There was buzz that this film was being fast tracked to shoot after ‘Aquaman’ wrapped, but now comes word that WB is “underwhelmed” by what they’ve seen so far and have sent the script back to be revised.

The news comes from Variety’s Justin Kroll who tweeted:

Last we heard, WB had narrowed its choice of directors to two, Daniel Espinosa (‘Life’, ‘Safe Room’) and Gerard Johnstone (Housebound), but if these were the directors that failed to impress with their ideas, the hunt for a new helmer could be on.  Before these names emerged, Andres Muschietti was reportedly WB’s choice, but he was too busy with ‘It’.  Prior to this, Doug Liman stepped on board and seemed all set to go, but scheduling conflicts got in the way and he backed out.

Guillermo del Toro originated this project years ago, before the DCEU was even in the works.  del Toro’s project was titled ‘Dark Universe’ and focused on the supernatural DC characters including John Constantine, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon, Madame Xanadu, The Spectre, Swamp Thing and Zatanna.  Once WB announced the DCEU, ‘Dark Universe’ became ‘Justice League Dark’ and attempts were made to fit this project into it, but because WB wanted the movie sooner rather than later, del Toro departed.

This isn’t the only troubled production in WB’s DCEU.  ‘The Flash’ was supposed to film after ‘Aquaman’ for a 2018 release, but has not only been removed from the schedule, but is being revised into a totally different movie which will feature multiple heroes, not just Flash.  ‘Shazam!’ lost star Dwayne Johnson when WB decided to give his character ‘Black Adam’ his own movie… which also doesn’t have a release date.

It seems WB is experimenting to try and find the proper direction for its DC movies.  Here’s hoping they crack the code soon.

Are you looking forward to a ‘Justice League Dark’ movie?  Who do you think should direct it?