In the last issue of ‘X-Force,’ we saw a ton of secrets revealed about the team as well as the short lived return of Domino. This issue takes all of what we have just learned, crumbled it up, and threw it out the window. Spurrier moves the book forward and reminds us that the mission is everything. The rest? We’ll get to that when we get to it.

Once again, Spurrier pulls off a book that changes direction midstream. Actually it was closer to 9/10th of the way through the book that our perspective shifted and it worked out pretty great. He gives us some interesting characters, character development, and brings back MI-13. For those unfamiliar with the UK’s main team when it comes to superhero activity, MI-13 is their version of a homegrown S.H.I.E.L.D. meets The Avengers. A government agency that is full of super powered forces. Last seen? Well by my count it was in Spurrier’s last work, ‘X-Men: Legacy.’ I’m sure that it has nothing to do with Spurrier being British.

I also suppose this is why they are getting away with the claim that Pete Wisdom is the best spy there is. I think a certain Nick Fury might be at odds with that statement. Unless of course this takes place after the currently running ‘Original Sin’ and Fury dies at the end of the event, which I have a feeling wouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.

I really do quite enjoy the inclusion of MI-13 as a team and they add an interesting dynamic to the book. They are characters with rich histories that Spurrier is able to explore and build on since, quite frankly, no one else is right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was trying to talk the head honchos over at Marvel to let him do a MI-13 book next. I’d buy it. Of course after ‘Legacy’ and now ‘X-Force,’ I’m up to buying anything Spurrier does. Yes, that is a fanboy alert.

Rock-he Kim’s style really fit this issue rather well. It might be because he was drawing a bunch of soldiers and no real focus on X-Force until the end but it was dark and murky. It fit the tale that we’re following: a group of undercover soldiers through the eyes of a reporter. Only the reporter isn’t who he seems to be. At the same time neither are the soldiers.

It looks as if the next issue is going to bring Cable’s X-Force crossing lines with MI-13, but will their goals be aligned or is there about to be a rumble in the middle of a war zone? We saw very little of the team this issue, at least it seems that way at first until all of the cards are on the table.

One of Spurrier’s methods on ‘X-Men Legacy’ was to throw us in one direction for an issue that made no sense and the next issue completely redeemed itself by showing us what we missed. This issue has been making sense but has that same kind of a build up. I’m wondering what kind of a test he will deliver for us next issue. Overall, the issue did not add to the greater character developments that we’ve seen so far. It felt like a stand alone that is going to be a setup issue and I loved every page of it.


Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Rock-he Kim