America rebooting British Television isn’t a new thing and the latest series to be picked up is ‘Misfits‘ which will be showing up on Freeform by Fake Empire. Diane Ruggiero-Wright (‘iZombie’,’Veronica Mars’) is serving as the showrunner and series writer while Fake Empire’s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are going to be Executive Producers. Victoria “Vic” Mahoney (‘Grey’s Anatomy’) will be making her directorial debut with the show’s pilot.

Casting wise we’ve got some familiar faces in the four leads depending on what shows you watch which consist of Ashleigh LaThrop (‘Sirens’), Tre Hall (‘Rebel’), Allie MacDonald (‘Orphan Black’), and Jake Cannavale (‘Nurse Jackie’).

The show follows four “young offenders in a community service program” which on its own isn’t a genre show, but they all develop supernatural abilities when they get caught up in what appears to be “a mysterious electrical storm.” The original series this is based off ran for five seasons starting in 2009 on E4 giving plenty of source material for the showrunners to expand upon.

We’ll see Lathrop playing Alicia who is described as “a spoiled, vapid, middle-class party girl who seems to have three main goals in life: have fun, look hot and get guys.” Hall is going to play Curtis who is “a talented and cocky football player with a promising career ahead of him who is used to everything going his way.” Next up is MacDonald who is playing “the touch and trashy Kelly” and “is street smart with a hair-trigger temper and a penchant for beating the crap out of people.” Finally, rounding out the cast is Cannavale who portrays Nathan: “a con artist and thief with a heavily inflated sense of his own attractiveness, intelligence, and potential.”

The “hero” of the show was Simon in the original who has yet to be cast here, and the only one audiences will likely be able to really get behind.

This is a group who at the outset you wouldn’t expect much from or feel any sympathy for outside of a single character. It should be interesting to see how they all change and evolve with having superhuman abilities.

However, fans of the original show will likely end up being let down. First off the reboot has a lot to capture in the sex, violence, and crude nature of the original series that made it so compelling, to begin with. Now, keeping in mind that the series is set for Freeform which used to be ABC Family and is a bit more family friendly means this doesn’t sound like a great fit.

Are you looking forward to a reboot of ‘Misfits’? Do you think that they’ll be able to capture the magic of the original series or will this be a watered down version that won’t be worth watching? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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