For those wishing to see the documentary created by Leonard Nimoy’s daughter Julie and son-in-law David Knight which recently premiered on WGBH in Boston, have no fear. The memorial to her father, called ‘Remembering Leonard Nimoy’ has been picked up by American Public Television and will air on all Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations on November 1st, 2017.

According to a statement made by American Public Television:

“This was a heartfelt biography of a beloved popular culture figure. We expect this will be well received by viewers as it offers an intimate look at Leonard Nimoy as a son, father, husband and a (later-in-life) social media activist. The film also puts a (well-known) human face on COPD as it documents how Leonard and his family dealt with a progressive condition, how he went public with his disease, and the effects it had on his life and family, etc. We admire the goal to honor Leonard’s legacy by raising public awareness of COPD.”

As well as airing on PBS, the documentary will also air during Star Trek Las Vegas, the official Star Trek Convention held every year in Sin City. The film features interviews with many Nimoy family members including his children, wife, stepson and grandchildren, all with wonderful stories about the man who was Mr. Spock to so many ‘Star Trek’ fans around the world. It also features many videos and photos of the man never seen before by the public, which the family was kind enough to share. You can check out the trailer for the documentary below:

Are you excited to see ‘Remembering Leonard Nimoy’ coming to television? Can you believe how long it has been since the man passed? Share your thoughts and memories of the icon in the comments section below!

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