I know what you’re thinking, “How many times are we going to hear about these ‘Justice League’ reshoots and discuss how significant they are to the end product?” At least once more, but hey, the issue at stake is that everyone wants to see a really cool ‘Justice League’ movie, including Warner Bros, and it seems like all of this work is really pushing for the best movie possible. According to Batman On Film, he has a very reliable source that claims the recently commenced reshoots in London are underway with Joss Whedon at the helm and that they are indeed, “significant.”

However, since early rumors were that this film was in trouble, this is not a bad thing. Even the part where they say we should call these pick-ups more “additional photography” (meaning they should be considered just a continuation of principal photography and not just a few extra shots) should not be considered a bad thing if it means Warner Bros, DC, and the creative forces behind the DCEU took a good long look at what they had and decided they could do better, and so jumped back in to make the best film possible. And let’s not forget, even Zack Snyder was on board with this plan until he had to step away do to deal with some tragic personal business.

So what should we take from this? WB and DC want ‘Justice League’ to be better, they got a taste of that success with ‘Wonder Woman’ and clearly want to see that continue, and I applaud them for doing everything possible to make it happen. The only thing that could go wrong now is the potential for group-think, that they might have over-analyzed everything, been too critical, and might be taking away some of the magic that they already had in the film by going back to tinker. But here’s hoping that is not the case, and we will indeed get the ‘Justice League’ film we have all been eagerly anticipating.

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