A&E has found its new horror series by developing the novel ‘Let the Right One In’ by by John Ajvide Lindqvist for the small screen. Lindqvist’s novel had already been released in 2008 in Sweden as ‘Let the Right One In’ with a US remake dropping in 2010 titled ‘Let Me In.’ If sparkling vampires aren’t your cup of tea, this was one of the most interesting reads and movies to come out in recent years when it comes to this particular form of the undead.

Initially the television rights ended up in a bidding war between Showtime and A&E which A&E finally won. This isn’t the network’s first attempt at taking an existing property and putting their own spit on it in the horror market. They’ve had great success with ‘Bates Motel‘ and a lot of interest in ‘The Returned’ so far.

While there isn’t much to go on quite yet, it looks as if Jeff Davis (‘Teen Wolf’) and actor Brandon Boyce (‘Apt Pupil’,’Wicker Park’) will be bringing the pilot to the network. Past that, no casting has been announced at this time and it is unclear if Boyce will be penning the script.

‘Let the Right One In’ is a story about a young boy who doesn’t have the best of social lives. That all starts to change when an ancient vampire trapped in the body of a child moves in next door. Don’t let the apparent ages of the characters fool you however as this is no children’s tale. Both of the films strayed a bit from the source material leaving plenty of room for more story to be told prior to original content having to be penned for it. If ‘Bates Motel’ is any indication though, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting the release of this one. If you’ve read the novel or seen the film what are your thoughts on the premise of the series? Share them below!

Novel Synopsis:

It is autumn 1981 when inconceivable horror comes to Blackeberg, a suburb in Sweden. The body of a teenager is found, emptied of blood, the murder rumored to be part of a ritual killing. Twelve-year-old Oskar is personally hoping that revenge has come at long last—revenge for the bullying he endures at school, day after day.

But the murder is not the most important thing on his mind. A new girl has moved in next door—a girl who has never seen a Rubik’s Cube before, but who can solve it at once. There is something wrong with her, though, something odd. And she only comes out at night.