There are certain rumors that just seem to fit so it isn’t too much of a spoiler that these Lego toys are revealing major plot points for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ but as it isn’t the first time the company has revealed far too much too soon we need to poke a little fun. The original images had shown up on Instagram though any site showing them outside of Reddit are being served with takedown notices so we’ll just be describing them for you.

Warning: Spoilers below!


Six images came out for the upcoming Lego Star Wars set for this year’s feature film, and they include a Resistance Bomber, the First Order Star Destroyer, and a First Order Heavy Assult Walker. Now, those set names themselves don’t contain the spoilers but what are shown on them do.

There were rumors of new Imperial Walkers in the film, and the new First Order Heavy Assault Walkers have confirmed just that. Not only that, but they have marketings similar to the Executioner Stormtroopers which will also be in the film and will likely be related to them. It also hints that we’ll see Poe Dameron and Rey working together against these Walkers. It should also be noted that in this image Poe is labeled as a Captain which he hasn’t been in other toys. This also includes the gunner named Paige who is Rose Tico’s sister in the film.

The first big reveal comes from the First Order Star Destroyer with the inclusion of Supreme Leader Snoke who has on a gold silk robe which was previously a rumored look for the character and hints at his appreciation for wealth. Not only that but there is also an Imperial looking BB-8 which has First Order colors.

Finally, the Resistance Bomber has Vice Admiral Holdo included who we already know is Laura Dern‘s character as well as Poe Dameron which will likely be from the scene that has these two at odds with one another.

Do any of these rumor confirmations surprise you? Are you annoyed that Lego has once again given out early details on a film? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Making Star Wars and Screen Rant.

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