With the announcement that Disney bought LucasFilm, the thoughts of many ‘Star Wars’ fans turned to the hopeful possibility of an unedited ultimate box set. But with the exciting news that ‘Star Wars 7’ is in the works, what’s not in the works is an ultimate ‘Star Wars’ box set released by Disney anytime soon.

Although Disney now has the rights to any subsequent ‘Star Wars’ films that they will make, apparently 20th Century Fox currently owns the distribution rights to the first 6 episodes of the franchise. To make matters more complicated, they own the original movie, ‘Star Wars IV: A New Hope’ in “perpetuity in all media worldwide” and that is where the major sticking point happens to be at.

Even though Fox’ distribution rights will revert back to LucasFilm, and ultimately Disney, in May 2020, it’s the fact that Fox has indefinite ownership over the movie that started the whole franchise that is keeping Disney from releasing an ultimate ‘Star Wars’ box set once ‘Star Wars VII, VIII and IX’ are made.

Of course, Disney can still release a box set but it would have to be through a partnership deal with Fox in order to do so (as it is highly unlikely Fox will sell the rights to ‘Star War IV’ to Disney). While this may seem like not a big deal to some, for those who absolutely love the  ‘Star Wars’ franchise, a stunning Blu-ray compete set (with no alterations made by Lucas) which would include all nine ‘Star Wars’ films would be a huge get for fans and a huge monetary opportunity for Disney.

Secretly, Fox is smiling at this little fact as they are reported as being a bit miffed that George Lucas didn’t give them a chance to bid on his company considering they have been distributing his ‘Star Wars’ films since 1977. A Fox insider is said to have commented, ‘we certainly would have liked a crack at it but I get the play.”

In the meantime, Fox plans to proceed with the re-release of the 3D versions of ‘Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones and ‘Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith’ next year.

Do you think Fox will sell back the rights to ‘A New Hope’ to Disney or will Disney have to pay Fox some major beaucoup bucks to even get to use the film in a box set? Sound off with your thoughts below.


Source: THR