A New Report Claims Disney Is Banking On 'The Mandalorian' To Save "Star Wars"

While ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ flopped at the box office the franchise has still been dominating in sales but a new story is claiming that Disney is banking on Jon Favreau‘s ‘The Mandalorian‘ to save the franchise. Fans have been eager to express interest in the new series and it seems like Disney is in agreement as LucasFilm has filed a variety of new trademarks for ‘The Mandalorian on items such as “toys, games, hand-held units for video games, books, school supplies, temporary tattoos, clothing, and footwear.”

I’m not sure exactly how The Blast is making the jump that this means Disney is hoping that the new series will save “Star Wars” as it has been pretty standard practice for LucasFilm to do this with every iteration of the franchise that takes place in a galaxy far, far away.

Still, a new series on a new streaming platform could be an interesting test to see if franchise burnout could exist from the market being oversaturated with these films and now shows. CEO Bob Iger did recently admit that the number of films they were released may have been “a little too much, too fast.” That being said, there are a variety of factors that fall into why ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ was unlikely to make a profit even if the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ protestors had all ended up going to see the film.

With over $100 million rumored to having been put into play to make the first 10-episode run of ‘The Mandalorian,’ it isn’t hard to imagine that the company has high hopes for the series.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Mandalorian’? Do you feel that the “Star Wars” franchise needs this show to succeed to save it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!