So after the most recent exciting news, spurred by Stephen Amell’s Tweets about Deathstroke and Manu Bennett returning to ‘Arrow’ for the Season 5 finale titled ‘Lian Yu,’ which would ostensibly see our hero teaming up with his old nemesis to take down his current nemesis Prometheus, it seems Manu Bennet has taken to Twitter to dispel these rumors, and bring us the actual facts, or to throw us all off the scent and make his return a surprise, I’m not really sure which. You see, according to Manu Bennett, he is NOT going to be in the ‘Arrow’ Season 5 finale, and Tweeted twice on the matter (you can check out his Tweets below), making it seemingly clear that he could not shoot the ‘Arrow’ finale in Vancouver because he was busy shooting the ‘Shannara Chronicles’ in Auckland.

The first Tweet claims people should not be making assumptions that just because Deathstroke will be returning, he will be back. And to further confuse things, ‘Arrow’ executive producer Marc Guggenheim threw out a Tweet stating that Manu Bennett’s return is the first “of a few exciting announcements about Arrow’s sixth season finale…” which was either a typo or a supremely confusing joke.

So what could all this mean? Could they be doing Deathstroke on Lian Yu and he could be played by a silent actor who never removes the mask so they can pretend it is Manu Bennett under there? It is possible since they did that for the 100th episode, but that would be very disappointing. Or they could be recasting Deathstroke, but that would be even worse as it removes the possibility of ever seeing Manu Bennett back in the role, which would be a big loss for the show.

Or the whole thing could be a cover up as TV Guide is reporting that their sources insist Bennett is returning to the role:

However, sources confirm to that Bennett is in fact returning to Arrow for the finale and will begin shooting scenes in Vancouver later this week.

Somehow that is not the vibe I’m getting.

What do you think is going on? Did Stephen Amell see a script that said Deathstroke and assume Bennett would be back, thus sparking this whole mess with his Tweet? Could they be simply covering up Bennett’s surprise return? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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