One of the big comic book-to-movie deals a few years back was the acquisition of the movie rights for the Image comic book series ‘Youngblood.’ Since then nothing much has been heard about the progress of the movie until now.

In a tweet this past Thursday, ‘Youngblood’ creator, Rob Liefeld tweeted this good news on his Twitter account:

If you recall, Reliance had bought the rights for the comic book for about six figures back in 2009. They had Brett Ratner (‘X-Men: The Last Stand,’ ‘Rush Hour’) attached to direct the movie who had said this project was a “real personal passion project” for him and that Reliance would be placing the movie on the fast tract. Since then, the project had continued to stay in “development.”

Now, 3 years later, ‘Youngblood’ is moving forward. In a follow up tweet today, Liefeld added this:

So it looks like Ratner is still attached to the film which is good news as he was really excited about the project from the beginning. No word on who is working on the screenplay now, but last heard it was being scribed by J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani.

For those of you not familiar with the series, ‘Youngblood’ was a superteam that was sanctioned and overseen by the US government. It was comprised of 4 superheroes: Shaft, a former FBI agent whose talent consists of archery and had a bow that used magnets instead of the usual string to propel arrows; Badrock, a teenager transformed in live stone; Vogue, a Russian fashion model with purple and white skin who had superhuman strength, endurance and physical durability and Chapel, a government  assassin.

Since ‘Youngblood’ is back on track, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more news about its progress. Right now, it looks like they are working on a script after which casting should occur. Hopefully, we’ll hear soon (or in this case, Liefeld will probably tweet) who will be in the movie and when it will be released!